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A low income housing application is really the same thing as a Public Housing or Section 8 application form. Public Housing is what is referred to as low income housing. Apartments that are owned by housing authorities are rented to some tenants as subsidized housing. This means that the tenant only pays about 30% of their monthly adjusted income towards their rent if they are accepted into the program.

What is Section 8 and low income housing?

If you live in public housing, the housing authority owns your building and is your landlord. In a few cases, a private company may manage the building for the housing authority or may be part of the ownership, but the building is still controlled by the housing authority. Housing authorities operate in most cities and towns in Massachusetts. They were established by state law to provide affordable housing for low-income people. If you live in subsidized housing, the housing authority is not your landlord. Subsidized housing is owned and operated by private owners who receive subsidies in exchange for renting to low- and moderate-income people. Owners may be individual landlords or for-profit or nonprofit corporations. Subsidized housing can be obtained through completing a low income housing application online, where the subsidy is used by a tenant to find rental housing in the private market and is paid to a private landlord. This subsidy stays with the tenant. Or it can be multifamily subsidized housing, where the subsidy is given to the owner who provides affordable housing. This subsidy stays with the property.

To be eligible for public and subsidized housing, your income must be below certain income limits. You must also meet other qualifications. Income limits for public housing and vouchers are set by the government and change every year. Income limits for multifamily subsidized housing vary from development to development.

To apply for public housing, you must submit an application to the housing authority in the city or town where you would like to live. There are 237 housing authorities in Massachusetts. You can apply to as many as you want. In some cases you may apply to the individual development and/or to the private management company that operates the development. To apply for a Section 8 voucher, you can apply for low income housing at any housing authority that runs a Section 8 voucher program. There are about 130 housing authorities that have a Section 8 program. You can also apply to one centralized Section 8 list where 40 housing authorities are currently participating. In addition, you can apply to any of the nine regional nonprofit housing agencies where Section 8 vouchers are available. To apply for multifamily subsidized housing, you must apply at each development that you are interested in living in (or at the management company that operates that development). For more information, see How to Apply. If you get a voucher, you can use it anywhere in the state; if it is a Section 8 voucher, you can use it outside of the state. If you get into public housing, you must live in the community where you applied. If you get into multifamily subsidized housing, you must live in the development where you applied. If you have a voucher and want to move, you can take your voucher with you. If you move from low income housing housing or multifamily subsidized housing, you cannot take your subsidy with you.

Because more people want a Section 8 application form and also apply for public and subsidized housing than there are apartments available, the law may require or permit different housing programs to give certain people priority or preference over others. What preferences are required or permitted depends on whether the housing receives federal or state funding. When you are applying for housing, it is very important to know what the priorities are for that particular program, housing authority, and/or owner. If you fit into a priority, you could improve your chance of getting housing. For more about this, see Who Has Priority. In general, waiting lists for public housing are shorter than for vouchers. Many waiting lists are long and some are closed. But many housing authorities will accept applications for public housing all year long. The centralized Section 8 waiting list operated by MassNAHRO and the waiting lists at the regional nonprofit housing agencies are open indefinitely. For more information about waiting lists, see How Waiting Lists Work.

How does a Section 8 waiting list work after you complete a Section 8 application?

During the Section 8 application process the PHA collects information from the family about their income, assets, and composition. This information will be verified with other local agencies, employers and banks, and is used to determine program eligibility and the amount of the housing assistance payment. Please see Income Verification Info for important information about HUD's new income verification system. If it is determined that the family is eligible they will be placed onto the waiting list. When they are reached on the waiting list the PHA will contact the family to issue them a voucher. The voucher issued will specify what size unit the family is eligible for (based on family size and composition).

The Section 8 program places the choice of housing in the hands of the family. Voucher holders are responsible for finding their own units and negotiating agreements with the landlord over the lease terms. Once a unit is found it is inspected by the housing authority to verify it meets standards of health and safety and the rent requested is reasonable. If the unit is acceptable, the family will be able to move in. The family is required to pay 30% of its adjusted gross income for rent and utilities (see Utility Allowances), and the PHA pays the difference between this amount and the actual amount charged for rent directly to the Section 8 landlord. If the rent charged is greater than the published payment standard (see Payment Standards) the family will be required to pay the additional amount, as long as the family’s payment does not exceed 40% of adjusted gross income.

Once the PHA has approved the unit, the family and the landlord will sign a lease. At the same time, the landlord and the housing authority will sign a housing assistance payments contract which will run for the same term as the lease. This means that everyone - landlord, tenant, and Housing Authority - has obligations and responsibilities under the program. The HUD application online program is designed to allow families to move without the loss of housing assistance. Moves are permissible as long as the family notifies the PHA ahead of time, terminates its existing lease within the lease provisions, and finds acceptable alternate housing. If you are an existing voucher-holder and are interested in moving, see Portability or contact your worker for more information and to verify procedures.

When a family selects a housing unit and the unit and lease have been approved by PHA, the family will sign a lease for at least one year. The tenant may be required to pay a security deposit to the landlord. Once settled into the unit, the family is expected to comply with the lease and program requirements, to pay its share of the rent on time, to maintain the unit in good condition, and to notify the housing authority of any changes in income or family composition.


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